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The Self Development Masterkey Conference

Beyond 2020 Self Development Masterkey will host annual conferences on Personal Development. These personal development conferences are a unique way of providing other options to self development with interactive direct impact being the major focus. I am sure you have read the Self Development Masterkey Book and you can notice that as much as I would have wanted to accommodate many other topics and broadened what is in the book more that will result in a very very huge book. Other factors also limit on having everything in 1 (one) book but if we are to hold a conference we will be able to accommodate many other topics, contributors and more as there will be a number of different sessions, activities and meetings taking place at the same time with a different approach and impact to each topic. In brief below are some features of the conferences:

1. Will include seminars, workshops, expos, debates, networking.
2. Held annually at any 1 (one) selected host location in any country around the world.
3. The upcoming conference will be held in March 2021 at a venue to be announced soon.

4. Sponsored events and activities by different partners.
5. Motivational and personal development speeches and lessons by special guests.
6. Held for 5 (five) days.

Inspire 100 Lives

The annual conference also seeks to give an opportunity to 100 (one hundred) young people below the age of 18 with no financial support to attend the conferences through a sponsored package. The Inspire 100 Lives Program is a platform for sponsors to afford an opportunity to any one of the less priveledged young people out there to attend the conferences by completing the sponsorship form or donating to the Inspire 100 Lives Fund.

The 100 young people will be required to submit their Sponsorship application between September to December 2020 before the upcoming conference and applications will be open to all young people from any country. If you or your organization is interested to sponsor a young person to attend the Self Development Masterkey Conferences yoou can complete the form below;

Fill out my online form.
Online contact and registration forms from Wufoo.

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